Monday, March 11, 2013

MTC drop off

  • Spend time with niece and nephews
  • Go to the Salt Lake Temple
  • Eat at Jimmy Johns
She had several sleep overs with Kylee and Bryce, and then spent time with Konnor her last night.

We spent the night at Kadin and Shantay's in American Fork, got up early Wednesday morning drove to the Salt Lake Temple to do a session.  It was great to be there with our daughter.  She loved the live session, it really helped to keep us awake.  Our last lunch or meal together she wanted Jimmy Johns.  We spent the next couple of hours talking and crying and expressing our love to each other.

Time for the MTC drop off, drive through the gate, receive a sticker drive around to the next available spot, an Elder opened her door helped her out, we opened the truck they got out the suite cases, asked a few questions, said give your parents a hug and they wheeled her off.  No time to cry.

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