Sunday, January 20, 2013

2nd and Final Call (I hope)

I didn't have to wait that long this time only 10 days. My call came at about 3:30pm on December 20th, 2012. I was working, baking cookies. I had an opening party and wanted to make sure it was really here. I called my dad and had him check the mail. IT WAS HERE! I was so happy and nervous. I had planned to open it at 6:00. I worked as close to that as I could, because I knew I would go crazy just starring at it. A few friends came over and I tore it open and instantly saw February 20, 2013 (exactly 2 months). I was excited knowing I would leave soon. I finished pulling it out and read Minnesota, Minneapolis Mission. My first thought was Andrew Bilben. I knew without a doubt that there was a reason I was going there. The people of Minnesota have been prepared for me, Sister Carson to teach them.

To explain who Andrew is, let me give you some background. I grew up in Overton, Nevada. I had a band teacher named Kerri Bilben she was an investigator in my ward and investigated the church for 8 years before joining in my ward. She had three boys, Jake, Ryan and Nathan who I babysat a lot and became little brothers to me. I love the Bilbens. They moved to Minnesota in 2007. In 2010 they came out to California and picked me up and drove back to Minnesota with them. I spent the week with them. Andrew still isn't a member, but we have prayed and prayed that he would become a member. When I had told Kerri I was going on a mission she said I hope you come to Minnesota that'd be really cool. I said ya right Kerri I won't come to Minnesota. I guess she prayed lots and her prayer was answered. After opening my call I called Kerri and I think she said I am so excited like 500 times :] She said my family can finally be together. That right there gives me so much love and desire to serve. I can help families become eternal families. Kerri also told me in the 6 years they have lived there, sisters have never been in their area and they just got sisters. Andrew and I both struggle with depression and only recently have I found a way to conquer it instead of letting it conquer me. I can't wait to bring the light of the gospel to Andrew to help him with his. They can all be coincidences or they can be miracles. I see them as miracles. I can't wait to go and serve the Lord.

-Sister Carson

Lots of people joke that I may receive another call cause 3rd ones the charm, but I think I'll stick with the 2nd. :]

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