Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Decision

I work at Swig and am able to meet incredible, amazing, kind people. One being my new best friend Bree. It was General Conference Weekend, also for St. George Marathon Weekend so we were busy as usual. Bree received a text from her dad. She said listen to this Lisa boys are now able to serve a mission at 18 and girls at 19. I was overwhelmed. I have never felt the spirit so strong than in that moment. I knew without a doubt that I was supposed to serve a mission and I needed to now. I just stood there and Bree said "Lisa are you ok?" I said Bree, "I'm going on a mission." I went and called Mom, who had also sent me a text regarding the new age. I told her amongst tears of joy and (a little fear) that I was going on a mission. She already knew, the spirit had testified to her at that moment that I was going on a mission. I text my bishop in my homeward, transferred my records back, got my application started online, Doctor visits and interviews. 10 days later my papers were submitted to Salt Lake.

Sister Carson

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