Thursday, January 10, 2013

First Call

After WEEKS I mean WEEKS like 7 I got my first call. My stake president, President Anderson had his secretary contact me he said he wanted to meet with me tonight he had news for me. This of course sent me into a panic. I hurried and got work covered and we met that night. He told me to bring my parents, so I did. We meet and first pray, always start anything with a prayer. He read an email that the brethren (apostles) had sent him. The call said I was called to serve in the Las Vegas Nevada Mission. I would go straight to Las Vegas January 2, 2012. I wouldn't be endowed and I wouldn't go to the MTC. After 12 weeks (2 transfers) I would receive a new call and serve the other 15 months elsewhere with a shortened MTC experience. I will be honest. I was devastated. Las Vegas is only 2 hours away and includes my hometown where I grew up. I wanted to be like everyone else. I prayed and began to see the knowledge and goodness in this call. My Heavenly Father loves me and wants me to succeed and if he feels this is what I need to succeed I would do it. I promised him I would go wherever he wanted me to go and this was it, Las Vegas, Nevada. I accepted the call and 4 days later President Anderson had spoken with my mission president and he was ready to give me a call when an hour after talking to my mission president President Anderson received a call from the Apostles, spoke to 3 of them. He called me it's urgent we need to meet. I have good news for you. I said will I think it's good news? He's like I've been praying you do, I was worried if you have to pray for it to be good news it might not be. We meet and he tells me they had decided to issue me a new call. So the waiting began again.

Sister Carson

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